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Now that you have attended the “Let’s Talk Roots” panel discussion sponsored by My Roots Foundation, you MUST complete the reading materials offered below in order to receive CEU credits from Durham Public Schools (DPS). After completing these readings, please fill-in the Acknowledgement section.  My Roots Foundation will then forward this notice of completion on to DPS.

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Reading Materials

The following materials are presented with permission from the authors for your use in conjunction with the My Roots Foundation Family History Month panel discussion "Let's Talk Roots."

Please read the following materials. Afterwards, you may complete the form to the left to acknowledge both your attendance at the panel discussion and completion of these five (5) readings.  DPS participants will recieve .5 CEUs for their participation in the event and for completing the accompaniny assignments.

*Family History in the Classroom

Available in two formats:

  • iBook —Recommended format—contains interactive videos and more. (1.1 GB)*
  • PDF (225 MB)

*Please note: To open the iBook version of this enhanced digital textbook, you will need to download the Apple iBooks software.

*Personal and Intergenerational Naratives  PDF (87.9 KB)

*Remembering and reminiscing: How individual lives are constructed in family narratives  PDF (92.7 KB)

*An ecological systems approach to family narratives  PDF (410 KB)

*Teaching Comparative African American and Latina/o Histories in an Age of Neoliberal Crisis  PDF (218 KB)

Thank you for your participation in My Roots Foundation's "Let's Talk Roots" panel discussion.


In some of the above reading materials you will see reference to the work of Dr. Marshall P. Duke.  These article will refer to the ‘Do You Know Scale.  This very important scale is now available online at https://myrootsfoundation.com/do-you-know-scale/ and we encourage you to make use of this online format for delivering the quiz to your students.

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