The Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner Every year my family and I would drive 18 hours from North Carolina to Florida to have Christmas dinner with my mom, and to escape the bitter cold. Mom didn’t travel much so this was the one time of the year she could see her grandchildren. I’m an only child and felt… Continue reading


Disaster and Family Treasures

Damage to family history

Disaster and family treasures; not so odd a paring. The things we own have stories. Seeing and touching your family history is gratifying. Sometimes things have stories. Seeing and touching your family history is gratifying.. It is hard for me to explain to others how much it means to have “things” from my ancestors.  Some of… Continue reading


After a flood

After the flood

After a flood Guidelines for Taking Care of Your Personal Heritage Resources for Conserving Flood Damaged Photos, Antiques and Heirlooms As I sit here in Durham, NC watching the news and see the tremendous damage left behind by hurricane Matthew, my heart goes out to all the victims.  The loss of life here (26 so… Continue reading


Meeting Mom

HOW, AT ALMOST 60, FRAZIER GREEN MET HIS MOTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME My Roots Foundation recently asked for your help to help Frazier Green Meet his birth mother for the fist time. I want to personally say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who made this trip possible for him. It is a big deal when… Continue reading


“Long Lost Family”

OK Folks, did you happen to catch the other night’s episode of “Long Lost Family” where the woman discovers that a co-worker is her birth mother?  The show“proves” a theory I’ve been seeing on for a while.  I refer to a theory of personality types where personality types “run” in families and result in similar careers and… Continue reading