The Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner Every year my family and I would drive 18 hours from North Carolina to Florida to have Christmas dinner with my mom, and to escape the bitter cold. Mom didn’t travel much so this was the one time of the year she could see her grandchildren. I’m an only child and felt… Continue reading


The Cold and Warm of Christmas

Winter Mountain

The Cold and Warm of Christmas IT’S THE WONDERFUL COLD THAT I REMEMBER SO WELL! My grandparents’ house was wonderful in all the glorious western NC mountain seasons. Delightfully fragrant and warm springs, temperate sunny summers, chilly and colorful autumns and cold bright winters. Oh, the winters with snow and ice and majestic mountaintops covered… Continue reading


Thanksgiving Dinner Talk

Turkey Image

Thanksgiving is here and this is the perfect time to gather family stories while everyone is together. The family is all getting together for dinner.  This presents an opportunity if you can avoid the obstacles it also presents. What obstacles? You might ask?  Well, it’s the choices we make about conversations. There are a few… Continue reading


A Not So Merry Christmas

On December 25, 1973, our family lost a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt when Cora Allen Black Warren passed away. Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the death of my Aunt Cora.  She was born January 3, 1886.   In March of 1913 she married Henry Charley Warren. And the two of them had 5 children, Wilbert,… Continue reading