How to Avoid Pitfalls in Family History Discovery and Sharing

What did I do? Why won't they speak to me?

Avoid Pitfalls In Family History Discovery and Sharing In your family history detective work you cannot expect to be perfect, but you should strive to avoid pitfalls. There are few pitfalls more gut wrenching than spending time in discovery only to have your findings dashed by others.  This article is written to help you avoid… Continue reading


Back to school, way, way back!

back to school

You may have heard of the hardships of our parents’ upbringing and the struggle for an education. You know the stories; the ones that start with ”I used to walk 50 miles to school – up hill – both ways – in the snow – in Florida, just to get to school.” Well, it’s good… Continue reading


How Castle, Benson, & Gibbs helped me discover my ancestors

The other night I’m once again frustrated with my ever increasing cable bill and decide to do a pros vs cons chart of why I should stop cable or keep it. I began to list the shows that I spend the most time with and would need to research if I could still get these… Continue reading


“Long Lost Family”

OK Folks, did you happen to catch the other night’s episode of “Long Lost Family” where the woman discovers that a co-worker is her birth mother?  The show“proves” a theory I’ve been seeing on for a while.  I refer to a theory of personality types where personality types “run” in families and result in similar careers and… Continue reading


Resources for African American Research

Alonzo’s Guide for African American Research Why? Because your research can hit a wall at the 1870 census! Research into the past lives of African Americans can present challenges due to the institution of slavery. Because slavery classified people of African ancestry as property and livestock instead of as people, census records can be spotty… Continue reading