WDYKYA (Who Do You Know You Are)


At my church we’ve just started a series on “Truth.”  It got me thinking about the TV series WDYTYA (Who Do You Think You Are). On the show, guests are given the chance to discover their heritage and learn about the people who lead up to them. There is always that moment when folks discover an ancestor or two with the same occupation or similar jobs and/or career interests. Then there is that ah-ha moment of “Maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable doing X.”


The sermon series pointed out that every day we are bombarded by lies; from social media, news sources, friends, etc. But perhaps the most lies we hear in a day are the ones we tell ourselves. The words we have heard from relatives and caregivers can stick with us for a life time and if these words are lies (or half-truths) they can seriously hold us back. We can limit and stunt our own development and rob ourselves of inspiration and motivation by not knowing and telling ourselves the truth about our family’s accomplishments.


I grew up in a house with a mom and a grandma. I had no real knowledge of my father so, most of my childhood was spent wondering “who am I” and “what’s my place in the world?” Maybe because of my single parent household I spent a fair amount of time daydreaming.


Now be honest, am I the only one whose ever sat on the front stoop, daydreaming that at any moment a limo will pull up and out pop this regal messenger from Far Far Away Land, here to tell me that I am related to King Imma Imma Bigshot, and he has died and left me his kingdom? Ok, so maybe I am the only one! Yes, I honestly did engage in such daydreams as a child. Don’t judge; just being real.


Anyway, what I have learned about my own family over the last few years has been exciting and inspiring. And this treasure is available to everybody. Yes, even you! You see, I believe the TRUTH is that – the best of your ancestors’ lives in you. If you dig deep enough we all can find someone to be proud of that shares the same DNA as we do.


My personal search of family members’ descendant from the Limbric, Allen, and Doby surname grouping has revealed folks who were/are:

  • Artists
  • Beauticians
  • A Cancer researcher
  • Chauffeurs/drivers
  • Civil rights activists
  • Coaches
  • Cooks
  • Radio and record DJs
  • Educators
  • An Elevator girl
  • Farmers
  • Freemasons
  • Gospel preachers
  • A CC Rider
  • A national Journalist
  • Landlords/ladies
  • A Librarian
  • Maids
  • A highly decorated Military hero
  • An Olympic athlete
  • A Pharmacist/drug store owner
  • Physicians
  • Runway/fashion model
  • A Senator
  • A Dry Goods & Sundry store owner


Yes, these accomplishments were made by people just like me! Folks who share common ancestors with me.


Children should grow up with the encouragement that they can do and become anything they want to. The world is theirs for the taking. The hard part is deciding what direction to move in. Knowing the family story provides the inspiration. When we study the biographies of relatives (no matter how distant) and learn that they did it – then we are more apt to believe that we can too.


So, back to TRUTH. What are the family stories you grew up hearing? Did you just hear the negative stories? Yes, my family has its share of criminals, con-artists, thieves, murderers, and a whole assortment of other sinners. Yep they are all there. But my grandma told me that “the best of your forefathers lives in you,” and that’s the TRUTH I will pass on to my grandson. That way hopefully he will grow up with the TRUTH of WDYKYA (Who Do You Know You Are) and not as much daydreaming about WDYTYA (Who Do You Think You Are) like I did.


October is National Family History Month here in the USA. Why not gather the kids together and explore the career choices of your family tree. Write down the name s of know “famous” relatives and then for more, search the census records and see what’s in that column marked “occupation.” You too may find a laundry list of exciting and surprising accomplishments in your family.


Add these stories to the TRUTH about you! 


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