Help Frazier Green meet his birth mom for the first time this Mother’s Day


This will be the most memorable Mother’s Day ever for Frazier Green and Ann Brown. Alonzo first met Frazier Green at the University of Florida back in the 70’s. It was shortly before this that Frazier discovered he was adopted. Very little effort was put into finding his birth mom at the time, due to the pressing issues of life. Now 51 years later, Frazier began the search, and this time – he found her! Mother’s Day is when we do our best to honor our mothers. This desire to honor our parents is so natural that most creatures imprint on the first one they see after birth and quickly ID “mamma.” Knowing mom and dad is so important every major religion on the planet has an admonishment to honor your mother and father.

Mother’s Day 2016 has been a half a century in the making for these two.  Last week Frazier found his birth mother and Alonzo, CEO of My Roots Foundation was able to catch with Frazier and find out more about this story. “I spoke with her by telephone for the first time on Sunday April 24 and for the second time today, the 26th. I also found out I have 6 siblings! Many of them are in New although one lives in Atlanta” says Green.  He is now pulling together funds to travel to meet her face to face this month (May 16-23).

My Roots Foundation was able to interview Frazier to find out more. Frazier said “I was adopted and never met her. My cousin decided to visit her. It just happened to be her 88th birthday, and she was in a melancholy mood talking about the “baby she gave away.” My cousin asked if he could look for me and she said ‘yes!’ He used Facebook and found me.”

When did you first know you were adopted?

I was 17 years’ old when my parents told me I was adopted.


How did you feel about being adopted?

I felt a mixture of peace and confusion when she told me. My mother that raised didn’t tell me until 17 years’ old.


What were the questions you had for your birth mom, if you had found them?

I mainly had questions about her health and welfare. My biological mom is 88 years’ old now, I wanted to know how was she living? What was her quality of life? Things of that nature.


Before now, had you ever tried to find your birth parents?

I did once a number of years ago. That attempt was not successful because life happened. With raising my own kids and having doubts about if I really wanted to find them.


What does finding your mom mean to you now?

It is awesome, like a dream come true!


How have your adopted parents responded

Unfortunately my adoptive parent passes away back in 2007.


How does it feel knowing you have siblings?

Oh man, it as if a giant puzzle piece was put into my soul.


What’s the next step? 

The next step for me is to meet her! I am going to visit my biological mother this May!  May 16-23.  I started a GoFundMe page to assist with my journey.

Help Frazier Green meet his birth mom for the first time this Mother’s Day
Ann Brown (Biological Mother)

Alonzo and Frazier met as Public Relations majors at the University of Florida over 40 years ago. My Roots Foundation is so excited for Frazier to finally meet his birth mother and for him letting us be apart of this journey. If you would like to help Frazier meet his mom, please visit his GoFundMe page and be sure to come back to My Roots Foundation later on this month and read about how this reunion went. Also please consider making a donation to My Roots Foundation so that we can continue helping others honor their roots.


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